Count Everything All The Time

29 08 2007

A few posts ago I was talking about the problem of keeping track of reps while doing exercise. The first thing I did was blog about it and see what people had to say. To be honest I was surprised with the suggestions. It was fascinating how different people do things and how most of the time they are unique to that person. Unfortunately, the suggestions I got were not working for me.

I spent a few weeks trying all sorts of things but nothing really worked. Accidentally, as most good inventions,  I started counting the reps in my warm up session. Most of the time I just switched when Shane did or when I felt that the area was ready and it had worked well for me. But when I started counting the reps of the easy part of the workout, it became easier and easier to count during the intense part of the workout.

Counting Out Loud vs. Counting in my Head

It is really important to count out loud when doing hard reps since it helps me keep focus motions and not the counting. Hearing myself say a number allows me to just remember the sound and not worry about the actual amount and what it represents. As I increased weight and had to spend more of my mental energy focusing on every part of the lifting, it became more important not having to think about anything else – specially counting.

On the other hand learning how to keep track of the number of reps without actually counting became easier when I counted everything. It was became more of a intuitive counting which lets me know when I am done.  It is like my brain just started keeping better track. The only issue with this one is that it is less reliable but it is nice when I am still learning a new routine.

Through Breathing Into the Mix

I also discovered that I have to consider my breathing for counting. Some motions are demanding and require more oxygen so I have to make sure to count a rep at a time when I would naturally breath out so I don’t loose the momentum.





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