Giving Back

7 09 2007

Since the beginning of the workouts my role has been that of someone learning and so I spend most of my time quietly assimilating as much as possible and asking all the questions I can. But things are starting to change. Over the summer as we had some visitors and now that we have a few more members, it has been really exciting to be able to help some of the news people.

At first I was excited because I finally felt that I could give something back but then I realized that in having to explain what I had learned, my understanding and abilities improved.

It made me realize how important it is to reciprocate. A lot of the stuff that we do at Gym Jane are things that we have learned from other people and groups, such as Cross Fit, Dragon Door, Gym Jones and Mike Mahler.  I realized that in their process of sharing their learnings over the years, their knowledge and understanding would have grown as well. This is not to say that we share with others for our gain alone but to realize that the process of giving produces practical rewards.

I guess the moral of the story is share more of what we learn. It is the only way to continue learning while empowering others to improve their lives.





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