The Ladies P.O.D.’s

8 09 2007

ladiWhew! After a couple of weeks of writing out everyones workouts, I once again find my time consumed with the writing of it all (with less time to actually just write about thoughts). So I’m going to give a brief description here.

The ladies (Erika and Juliet) workouts have been laid out for the next 4 weeks, which they will follow thru with. The premise here is, basic, core kettlebell moves and a few other body weight exercises that will help bring up overall strength and conditioning, as well as teaching the body more efficient movement. They will continue with 3 days a week. If they miss a day, they will do the day they missed and continue from there.

Here’s a sample of what they will be doing:

Week 1:

Day 1 – WU -SJ + SW (#9) x 15 – WO – SW (#9) x 15, 3rds, THU (#9) x 5/arm, 3rds, run 320m.

Day 2 -WU -SJ + SW (#9) x 15 – WO – Lunge x 3/side, 3rds, PSU (on knees) x 3, 3rds, WM (#9) x 2/arm, 2 rds, run 320m.

Day 3 – WU -SJ + SW (#9) x 15 – WO – SW (#9) x 16, 3rds, THU (#9) x 5/arm, 3rds, run 320m.

Note: Rest are for 30 – 45 sec per round. And this is the basic blueprint. There’s a little bit of mixing things up with each week, with each of the exercises incrementally increasing. The idea (as Chris and I did) is to move up slow but sure. Especially in the beginning, it’s best to feel like you could do more, or rather, that you WANT to do more.

When their 4 week are up, we’ll repost with updates on the progress. Happy training Ladies:)





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8 09 2007

Thanks, Shane!

10 09 2007

great picture. Go girls.

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