Cycle 4: Sword in the Stone

24 09 2007

Let the games…..sweat……heartpounding……tears……aaahhh, mommy…….begin! So we finished up Cycle 3 (the sprint cycle with KB’s) and dove back into the Crossfit styled workouts last week. It was great! We were both feeling pretty psyched and looking forward to getting back into it. This cycle we have set for 6 weeks, at the end of which we are going to perform the test “300”, as administered by Gym Jones themselves. I spoke earlier about being honest with ourselves and where we were at, not rushing the progress and steadily building ourselves up to a pretty decent level of conditioning. The type of conditioning that doing “300” would put to the test. We are now much closer to that than we were 6 weeks ago, and with 6 more to go, feel we will be ready. We’ll see about that;)

Something important to note: the first cycle, we really randomized the workouts. In 8 weeks, we never repeated a single workout (as Gym Jones had done, putting the guys thru the training for the film “300”). Things changed a little with the second cycle. We had completed the “300 Jr.” and were able to identify where we needed to improve. Only, in focusing on the things that needed improving, I ended up creating a very specific program without a lot of variety. Now anyone who’s involved in fitness will tell you that you don’t want to do a particular program for much more than 6 weeks. Your body adapts, you plateau and you can burnout (hence cycling). Because of the first cycle, the progress we saw and the fact that we did it for 8 weeks, I kind of forgot about that. I think perhaps that was a contributing factor to our feeling a bit burnt by the end of cycle 2. Whereas if you are randomizing it all the time, you don’t give your body a chance to adapt and so there’s alway progress forward (even if it feels like you are doing the same stuff).

But I had also briefly lost sight of the whole point for doing the “300” test. I got so focused on doing it, the second cycle had become about training FOR the test, as if it were an end in and of itself. Here we were writing about what the whole point of this for us was, not for the test but rather for the qualities we would develop in training in this manner. But then starting to fall into the trap, the trap that it was about the test and being able to achieve it. “300” is just that, a test. To let us know where we are at, show us where we can improve, show us where we’ve been and where we are going.

In creating the program for Cycle 4, all this has been taken into account. We’re back on randomness, back to really shaking things up and back to finding our limits (though this time we are a little better equipped to handle it…..a little;). At the end of these 6 weeks, we will take stock. We will approach the sword where it stands and see whether we possess the qualities required to draw it forth from it’s resting place………





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