Learning to count……from scratch:)

24 09 2007

o an eDuring one of the workouts last week, Erika was doing Turkish Half-ups with a kettlebell. My son Olee saw her doing them and said “lay down…..keddubells”. He grabbed two Wee Kettlebells and lay down on his back next to his Aunt. He then raised the kettlebells above his head and tensing up his whole body, grunting and wheezing (under the immense weight of the bells *wink*:) he counted along with Erika. “Oooone….urghu….twooooooo…argh…..fweeeeee…….”

It was priceless:)





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29 09 2007

This is really nice to see how easily the wee ones are involved in everything. I usually have my 5 year olds for about 35 minutes during each class so I almost always think of 3 activities in that time. In the space I am at now they do Richard’s yoga and stretching routine along with skip ropes, then scooters which develop arm strength integrated with underwater hockey sticks to teach coordination, followed by parachute activities to teach cooperation and quick movement. One day a week they have 30 minutes of unstructured play on the playground and field. It is amazing to me to see how far they have come in just 7 weeks of school. I am thinking that the principle is to maximize the level of activity in the amount of time given while working a variety of things. I have one class who gets so excited when I introduce a new activity that they start clapping.

5 10 2007

Too cute! Olee is going to be buff by the time he gets to kindergarten.

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