The Wee Kettlebells

24 09 2007

When my niece Isabella was about 2 1/2 yrs,  she would watch me do my workouts with the kettlebells.  Of course, in her enthusiasm and curiosity, she would want to do the exercises as well. When she got to the point where she talked about exercising with kettlebells (outside of when we were actually around them), I decided it was time that she had one as well. So I made her a kettlebell. I found some wooden spools with some thick rope attached to it at the Salvation Army. I then got a sock, poured dried beans into it (like a bean bag), wrapped the sock around the string and then duck-taped it all. Now over a year later, with Olee showing the same excitement  and my wanting to encourage that  enthusiasm and his desire to participate, made him a kettlebell as well (with an extra wooden spool I had). In the next while, I’ll make one for my nephew Diego to add to the bunch.




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