Back to Circuits!

25 09 2007

SprintAfter about a month of working out with Kettle Bells coming back to CrossFit is a bucket of cold water down your spine! It felt great to, once again, have to fight with myself to finish the workout! When we were working with the kettle bells, there is a lot of resting time, which I generally use for reflection or hangout. BUT! with Cross Fit the level of intensity is high and constant (with peaks!). The big difference is that one works out my muscles and the other works on my physical and mental endurance.

Circuits are intended to bring you to a heightened level of activity in a short period to time and to maintain you there until the end. Because of this it is important to prepare mentally for the workout. Before starting I always tell myself a few things: I am about to do something hard and the reward is good; it has an end and I will feel good once I get there; and the goal of these workouts is to improve my life by increasing my discipline.

Once I say it mentally, I am ready for hell! It’s like a warrior mantra!

300 style: “Tonight we dine in hell!’ 😉





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