“Men’s Health” 1

27 09 2007

mens-health-w.jpgI used to read various fitness magazines a fair bit. There was period of about 2 1/2 yrs (Oh…about 8-10 years ago) where I would buy quite a few, if not at least read it each month. There was lots to learn, lots of info on various exercises or routines and nutrition that I was not yet familiar with. But then I hit a point, after about 2 yrs, where I was getting kind of disappointed. They just kept writing about all the same stuff, month after month. There was really nothing new being brought to the table. Basically the same stuff, with different fonts and new pictures. I no longer felt it worth the time and money to be spending on it as a resource and basically just stopped even browsing thru them (It was around this time that I really got hooked on the fitness training that the special forces community adhered to).

Then a few years ago, Mens Health magazine started introducing (on a very regular basis) interviews with actors and athletes and what they do for their fitness needs. Good marketing….it got me to flip thru again:) But the key that kept me coming back, just to read those interviews, was the fact that these actors and athletes weren’t really doing the stuff that is usually prescribed in fitness magazines (Men’s Health included). And so I found it funny that this magazine was publishing these articles about these people who are in amazing shape, but do so in a way that’s so not mainstream, that seems opposite of what everything else in the magazine was saying.

And so, anyway, the reason I’m writing about this, is because I happened by the magazine rack the other day and saw on the cover of Men’s Health, Jason Statham. I thought to myself, “Hmmn…this guys already been on once or twice. And they were interesting interviews. I wonder what he’s doing different this time that’s bringing him back”.






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