“Men’s Health” 2

27 09 2007

mens-health.jpgSo I started reading. The whole thing about this article was how Statham, who was not in bad shape to begin with, had leaned out and lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks. He states he’s “never, ever gotten results like this before”. And what did he do exactly to achieve this. Well let’s see…..”‘working out…..at most, about 35mins a day'”, in “a converted warehouse near the…. airport”, with “trampolines, climbing ropes, barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells and…..pullup bars”. “‘I haven’t had one single day in 6 weeks that has been a repeat'”. “….you can pick six basic exercises you can do at home and go full out. Statham does one six-exercise circut five times”.

Is any of this sounding familiar? I had to laugh and say to myself, “That’s what Chris and I have been doing for the last 6 months. If off the beaten path is where we tread, then I guess we’re on the right track”.

Part of what was interesting for me in all this has been getting a better sense of just how known in the greater fitness community things like Cross Fit and Kettle Bells are becoming. I’ve been wondering about that lately. How known and popular are these modes, really? Because they have been basically all I’ve learned about and done for the last two years, it’s difficult to tell whether anyone outside of those who do it, actually know it. For the first year, there wasn’t a single person I talked to who knew what kettlebells were. I had a good personal trainer friend of mine who didn’t know what they were till I described them to him. He then said “Ooohh…that’s what those things are. I’ve seen them at this one gym, but I have never seen anyone use them. I think they actually have dust on them”.

Now with these fitness magazines, they have to sell. And so they are going to write about all those things that are primarily pushing the market. And so to see Cross Fit style workouts (thru interviewing Statham) as a major feature, and another article “Pack on size fast with…..exercises you’ve never done before” that feature a Dumbbell Split Jerk (no, no kettlebells yet, but give them time;), Dumbbell Floor Press, Dumbbell Swing and a One Legged Deadlift, you know that it’s starting to seep into the mass consciousness.

And this is good. I’m not a fanatic or anything (in fact being opened-minded helped me find Kettlebells and Cross Fit), but these modes of training just makes so much sense. And when you’ve got groups like elite athletes, fire fighters, law-enforcement, military (especially special forces) , some of these groups being at the leading edge of effective fitness, saying they are in the best shape they’ve ever been and adopting these modes as their primary fitness training tool, you have to take a sec and go “hhmmnn……maybe there’s something to all this”.


P.S. The guys who run Epoch Training, where Statham trained, are Logan Hood and Clay Enos. Those names had sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t place them. Then the next day it clicked. I went to the Gym Jones site, went to Disciples and there they were. They’d both trained with Mark Twight. Good on them for starting up a facility:)




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