Here We Go…..

31 10 2007

start-3.jpgThis final cycle before undertaking the test was to be 6 weeks. Due to insanity in the last 2 weeks, we were flexible and gave it an extra week (of continued insanity) to finish up the program. 4 days away and we will test our mettle.

Ideally, when preparing for something like this you want to have your program laid out just so, with proper nutrition and sleep, to ensure you are in your best form to take on the challenge you’ve set out for yourself. Well, we were talking about it and came to the conclusion that it was actually better the way things turned out. We are testing ourselves. There is something to be said for getting tested when conditions are right……and then there is something to be said for getting tested when everything else is off, out of balance, in less than ideal conditions. And thus this test will be for us:)

Also, we’d decided, in conjunction with completing the test, “300”, we would officially change our weblog from “Not Gym Jones” to our name “Gym Jane”. We’d originally put up “Not Gym Jones” because at the time there was so much hype around the movie and Gym Jones’ role in it. And with that came all kinds of people jumping the bandwagon, coming out with their “300” and “Spartan” workouts, etc. In starting the blog, we just really wanted to be sure that we gave credit where credit was due and that our intentions were not mistaken or taken out of context. We were not out to be “another” Gym Jones. We were just inspired by them (and have enough of a sense of humor about where we are really at;).

We feel we’ve been around long enough now, that it is pretty clear who we are and what we’re about and that neither of those is pretending or trying to be Gym Jones. We also felt that with the completion of the test we had set out, from the beginning, to undertake, was the perfect time to make that switch over.

Til 4 days from now……….



Week 28 (Oct. 22-28)

31 10 2007

DAY 1 (Rest/Hike)copy-of-dscn2727.jpg

c – off (sick)

s – Hiking in the Mohave Desert:)

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“Boy’s Are Back in Town”

30 10 2007

copy-of-dscn2633.jpgAs I’d mentioned in “Week 27”, I went down to Las Vegas, Nevada for a two day intensive kettlebell workshop. I’ve been working with kettlebells for a little over two years now and felt it was time to take it up a notch, in terms of my knowledge base and skill level, and ensure I’ve laid down a solid foundation. Also, most of my learning has come from some books I found in the library, clips on the internet (it is the beauty of this age) and 2 DVD’s I picked up last year. There really is only so much you can get from those sources, for physical endeavors at least, though they are a great way to get started.

The workshop was held at the Philippi Sports Institute , withcopy-of-dscn2640.jpg featured presenters Mike Mahler, Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell and Nate Morrison. They were 8 hr days, with 10 – 15 min breaks here and there, a ton of power bars, Gatorade and water and loads of learning. Rather than go into what we covered, you can check out the syllabus here. Sure seems like alot of material, huh? Well, we covered about half of it. And not for lack of trying. To their credit, those 4 guys did their absolute best to give us everything they could within the 8 hrs a day we had available to us. And let me tell ya, there was alot to soak in. Goes to show the wealth of knowledge and skill each of them represents. Not to mention their open, generous natures. These guys gave of their time outside of the training as well, bombarded by non-stop questions before we started, during every break and after we were finished, answering each individual question thoroughly.

copy-of-dscn2641.jpgAnother thing that made this workshop so great, was that they really came from a place of unified vision, in terms of the underlying principles to training that they shared, but came at them from very different directions. So rather than just hearing alot of the same stuff mentioned over and over again, we got something unique from each of them, greatly broadening our learning platform.


Something that was also of real value for me, as a young Dad who had picked up the kettlebell to continue to maintain my fitness efficiently while being an active part of my family, having learned thru library books and internet clips, was getting the opportunity to work and learn alongside many industry professionals who use kettlebells as a primary training tool…..and not do too badly;). It was fun being with a group of folks who spoke the same “language”. I met some cool people that I look forward to bumping into again somewhere down the road.

copy-of-dscn2639.jpgTraining with the “Boys” was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. In fact, it was of such value, I don’t even think about what it cost. Now THAT’s a purchase you don’t make every day. But more importantly than the “what” was taught, was the “how” it was taught. This is a group of class act gents with principle, passion, generosity and integrity that I count myself lucky to have trained with……and look forward to again in the future.

Week 27 ( Oct. 15-21)

29 10 2007

So for the next 2 weeks it gets even crazier. On any of the days that we both worked out, we never actually worked out together. It was a little tough, what with the end of this 6 week cycle coming up and the test to come (something we’ve been working up to for the last 6 months). But we touched base when we could and managed to stay on top of accomplishing the workouts.

DAY 1 (Power)

c – WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- “Tire Me Out” x 5, R 1min/rd, 5 rds

End: TGU (#35 KB) x 3, 2 rds

s – Off

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Week 26 ( Oct 8-14)

29 10 2007

Our schedules were a little off this week due to conflicting work times.

DAY 1 (Endurance)

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A half marathon…..up a mountain….

25 10 2007

copy-of-dscn2464.jpgWell we finally got out on another hike. Life’s been a little crazy for both Chris and I and we haven’t had as much opportunity to get out for our weekly hikes. We’d been talking about hiking up to a place called Lynn Lake for the last couple of months. With Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct. 8th) and having that Monday off, we took full advantage of what nice weather we had left to head up to Lynn Lake. And when I mean nice weather, I’m talking sun is out and it’s not overcast. Over the last year of consistent hiking, Chris and I (as a pact with ourselves to never let crumby weather deter us from getting out, otherwise we’d never get out over the winter) have always found ourselves on these big adventures to new places when it’s overcast and raining. Now we can handle the wet and we can handle the cold (cold and wet…..these are the descriptors for a Pacific Northwest winter), but in those conditions, up in the mountains, we can never see anything! I’d been up to Lynn Lake once before and it’s gorgeous up there. So we wanted to have one day, just one day, where going on one of our big hikes, we’d actually get to see what it looked like. And see we did.

copy-of-dscn2469.jpgIt was an amazing day to get out. The first portion of the hike is the same route we use heading up to Coliseum Mtn. and the Hanes Valley to Grouse Mtn. After the first hour and a half, it turns into pretty rugged trail. Then for about a third of the hike (the middle third) wecopy-of-dscn2500.jpg have to hike right up the middle of Lynn River itself. This was the really fun part, as we’re jumping and negotiating from boulder to pebble to boulder (we even managed to stay dry the whole way). Then, just as you get “close” (the final third or so of the hike, the angle all of a sudden turns sharply up, just to remind us we had to earn our way there;).

copy-of-dscn2496.jpgAnd there it was Lynn Lake, as peaceful and serene as I’d remembered it. It was funny how I could feel myself calming down once we were there and realizing that I’d been feeling my energy quite accelerated. This was more than likely due to hiking up the center of a fast flowing, loud river. It’s amazing when you open your awareness to your surroundings (which naturally seems to start happening when you get out in nature), you can begin to see just how much of a profound effect the energies of your environment can have on you. Keep that in mind the next time you’re feeling way out of wack. Look at your surrounding environment and see whether there is something that can be adjusted to assist you in getting yourself back on line.

copy-of-dscn2501.jpgWe hung out for lunch for about a half hour and then started the trek back down. Down is always a little more of an effort, had to be a little more focused. When we’d gotten back to the parking lot, the distance to Lynn Lake and back had jumped into my head (I usually don’t think about the distance). It was 21.8 km. And it occurred to me, “hey, we just did a half marathon up and down a mountain…….in fact every time we do one of these long ones, we are doing a half marathon”. I mentioned that to Chris and he said “yeah, that’s what Richard (our father in law who runs marathons) said when we went to Crown Mtn., only he said this was harder”.

I tend not to think of it that way, but when put into that context, it left me with an energy that fueled me the rest of the day (not saying I didn’t still feel it the day after;). To get a glimpse of increasing capacity in oneself, it sparks reflection on increasing capacity in other aspects of ones life and gives you a sense of moving forward.

It was cool, to think that when we go out for a “hike”, we’re in fact doing half marathons….up and down mountains.

Week 25 (Oct 1-7)

17 10 2007

DAY 1 (Strength)

c – WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- DL, #135 x 5, #145 x 3, #155 x 3, #160 x 3,   Handstand PSU x 2   3 rds, R 1min/rd

End: RT (#60) x 3/side,   5 rds

s – WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO-DL, #135 x 5, #145 x 3, #155 x 3, #160 x 3,   Handstand PSU x 2   3 rds, R 1min/rd

End: RT (#60) x 3/side,   5 rds

Note: HST PSU’s were done back to back with the first 3 rds of DL.

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