“Men’s Health” 3 – Fit Schools

1 10 2007

fitschools.jpgAlright, so in my last two posts, I kind of bore down on fitness magazine’s. I also ended up using “Men’s Health” as representative and all round whipping boy for them all. Which, of course, is unfair. Besides, of the fitness mags out there, I tend to like what they have to offer most. So, since I was writing about the pleasant surprise found in this month’s issue of “Men’s Health”, I wanted to end off with another great article found in there that has even greater merit.

It’s an initiative they’ve started called “FitSchools”. It’s “a program designed to find one school where we could coordinate the brightest minds in exercise science with some public-minded equipment suppliers and make a difference that would shake the playground”.  There is this great article about the first school they’ve been working with. To check it out go here.

Not only is there this article, but there are links to other ones that speak to the continued growth in size of our children, along with strategies that individuals and schools can incorporate to gain back control of a reckless snowball that only seems to be gaining momentum. I was quite impressed by the number of groups that cater very specifically to children  and teen fitness. Now the fact that it’s a 4 billion dollar industry (I believe that was the number they quoted) doesn’t hurt either. But hey, if their making money is of actual benefit to society, as opposed to an impediment, then I’m all for it.

Check out the articles, they are a very good read and help get you looking at the kids and schools around you (as well as the gears rolling on how we can help;)





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