“Boy’s Are Back in Town”

30 10 2007

copy-of-dscn2633.jpgAs I’d mentioned in “Week 27”, I went down to Las Vegas, Nevada for a two day intensive kettlebell workshop. I’ve been working with kettlebells for a little over two years now and felt it was time to take it up a notch, in terms of my knowledge base and skill level, and ensure I’ve laid down a solid foundation. Also, most of my learning has come from some books I found in the library, clips on the internet (it is the beauty of this age) and 2 DVD’s I picked up last year. There really is only so much you can get from those sources, for physical endeavors at least, though they are a great way to get started.

The workshop was held at the Philippi Sports Institute , withcopy-of-dscn2640.jpg featured presenters Mike Mahler, Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell and Nate Morrison. They were 8 hr days, with 10 – 15 min breaks here and there, a ton of power bars, Gatorade and water and loads of learning. Rather than go into what we covered, you can check out the syllabus here. Sure seems like alot of material, huh? Well, we covered about half of it. And not for lack of trying. To their credit, those 4 guys did their absolute best to give us everything they could within the 8 hrs a day we had available to us. And let me tell ya, there was alot to soak in. Goes to show the wealth of knowledge and skill each of them represents. Not to mention their open, generous natures. These guys gave of their time outside of the training as well, bombarded by non-stop questions before we started, during every break and after we were finished, answering each individual question thoroughly.

copy-of-dscn2641.jpgAnother thing that made this workshop so great, was that they really came from a place of unified vision, in terms of the underlying principles to training that they shared, but came at them from very different directions. So rather than just hearing alot of the same stuff mentioned over and over again, we got something unique from each of them, greatly broadening our learning platform.


Something that was also of real value for me, as a young Dad who had picked up the kettlebell to continue to maintain my fitness efficiently while being an active part of my family, having learned thru library books and internet clips, was getting the opportunity to work and learn alongside many industry professionals who use kettlebells as a primary training tool…..and not do too badly;). It was fun being with a group of folks who spoke the same “language”. I met some cool people that I look forward to bumping into again somewhere down the road.

copy-of-dscn2639.jpgTraining with the “Boys” was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. In fact, it was of such value, I don’t even think about what it cost. Now THAT’s a purchase you don’t make every day. But more importantly than the “what” was taught, was the “how” it was taught. This is a group of class act gents with principle, passion, generosity and integrity that I count myself lucky to have trained with……and look forward to again in the future.




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