Here We Go…..

31 10 2007

start-3.jpgThis final cycle before undertaking the test was to be 6 weeks. Due to insanity in the last 2 weeks, we were flexible and gave it an extra week (of continued insanity) to finish up the program. 4 days away and we will test our mettle.

Ideally, when preparing for something like this you want to have your program laid out just so, with proper nutrition and sleep, to ensure you are in your best form to take on the challenge you’ve set out for yourself. Well, we were talking about it and came to the conclusion that it was actually better the way things turned out. We are testing ourselves. There is something to be said for getting tested when conditions are right……and then there is something to be said for getting tested when everything else is off, out of balance, in less than ideal conditions. And thus this test will be for us:)

Also, we’d decided, in conjunction with completing the test, “300”, we would officially change our weblog from “Not Gym Jones” to our name “Gym Jane”. We’d originally put up “Not Gym Jones” because at the time there was so much hype around the movie and Gym Jones’ role in it. And with that came all kinds of people jumping the bandwagon, coming out with their “300” and “Spartan” workouts, etc. In starting the blog, we just really wanted to be sure that we gave credit where credit was due and that our intentions were not mistaken or taken out of context. We were not out to be “another” Gym Jones. We were just inspired by them (and have enough of a sense of humor about where we are really at;).

We feel we’ve been around long enough now, that it is pretty clear who we are and what we’re about and that neither of those is pretending or trying to be Gym Jones. We also felt that with the completion of the test we had set out, from the beginning, to undertake, was the perfect time to make that switch over.

Til 4 days from now……….





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