The “300”

4 11 2007

The “300” test as laid out by Mark Twight of Gym Jones:

Pull-ups (rings) x 25 + Deadlift (135 lbs) x 50 + Push-ups x 50 + Box Jump (24″) x 50 + Floor Wipers (135 lbs) x 50 + Kettlebell (35 lbs) Clean and Press (touches floor each rep) x 50 +Pull-ups (rings) x25.

Time –       Chris:    49:23

Shane:   36:42

6 months……..

35 min a day………

4 days a week…….

A few light hikes thrown in there;)……….

300 completed……..

Vera’s Burger Shack……..

‘Nuff said………….

s. and ae




4 responses

5 11 2007

congratualtions guys!!! you guys are amazing to have completed it. way to perservere.

6 11 2007

Thanks Juliet! Feels great to have completed it. Hurts a little for a couple days after, but overall still feels great;)


4 12 2007
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21 11 2008
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