Halo 3 is done… and 300 as well.

12 11 2007

So its been a while since I posted but what can anyone expect after Halo 3 was on shelves? I have continued to workout and that is about  as much as anyone could expect given the circumstances! 😀

Halo 3: good game. Obviously made for online play and the missions are lacking…. sorry… I meant to talk about 300 but I got confused.

OK… So…. 300. We are done with it! It was interesting to spend the last 6 months preparing for it. I have never had that level of physical focus for such a long period of time. I should admit that I expected to do better in the time department but I was surprised to see that I was able to sustain a strenuous workout for 5o minutes. In the end what killed my time were the pull ups so I know where I have to do more work.

Next week we start something new. Shane is keeping it a secret so we will see where things go.





2 responses

13 11 2007

Cognratulations on sustaining your workouts for so long. You can really honour yourself for that. It is quite amazing how long you have worked out together for so long especially when you think about the prior state. Interesting about Halo 3.

13 11 2007

Re: the prior state: you probably mean “MY FAT ASS!”

Yep… I am hotter than I used to!

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