And the Journey Continues……

4 12 2007

path.jpgAfter the “300” test, Chris and I took some time off to relax, allow the bodies to recuperate and figure out in what direction we would be moving next. We’d both come to the conclusion that we were ready to take a break from the CrossFit styled workouts and do something different. Over the last month or so, since I went down to Las Vegas for the Kettlebell workshop, I’ve been wanting to take more time to do more kettlebells. And Chris had enjoyed the month of KB’s we did for the “Sprint Cycle” and so we’ve decided we will focus primarily on those.

Now, we don’t have any specific goals at this time that we are working towards (like the “300” was for our first 6 months). I think that will come to us as we proceed forward (because, as we all know, specific goals are important, they are a huge motivating force for what we undertake and assist us to be specific with our training, which then increases what we get out of it).

We do, however, have a  twofold focus. One, the physical/mental aspect, is continued improvement in our fitness, mental endurance and clarity under induced stress and it’s carry over to hiking the mountains we frequent (and mountains we look to frequent more).  Two, the spiritual/emotional aspect, is identifying the qualities within ourselves we wish to develop and using the physical workouts to assist in that growth;)

Same journey, new challenges, same goofballs, new learning, same gym, new tools…….or rather, just alot more of some of the old ones:)





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8 01 2008
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[…] (well okay, it turned into 3) resting and figuring out what we would do next. We came to that decision, and have since been working on Kettlebell Lifting as I was taught in Vegas and have been able to […]

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