Ascending With Bells

6 12 2007

6-copy-of-dscn1057.jpgFor nearly a year we had consistently been hiking out in the mountains, making the commitment to ourselves to get out once a week. Then, when all this began, we trained CrossFit style a la Gym Jones and continued to do so for 6 months. Within the first 6 weeks, we noticed a big improvement in terms of endurance, speed and recovery time. And all we were doing was about 20-30 min, 4 days a week. Actually, here’s a great article by Mark Twight about his testing this high intensity way of training and it’s carry-over to endurance pursuits.

So we personally saw what training power-endurance did for us in our pursuit of the mountains. Now we are shifting a bit and are training more strength-endurance. As I’d mentioned before, we are focusing on kettlebells now and those are touted as the optimum tool for training strength-endurance. So we will see in the months to come the effect that has and whether there is a difference or not.

Important to note: it is not actually the kettlebell that develops strength-endurance, it is the way in which it is used that does. The kettlebell happens to just be the tool that allows you to train thus, in the most efficient manner, with the greatest overall results. Making lifting the kettlebell the best way to develop strength-endurance;)

This efficient lifting methodology was introduced to all of us at the Las Vegas workshop by Steve Cotter. And it is the proper kettlebell lifting technique and subsequent training for Kettlebell Lifting Sport that provides the immense strength-endurance benefits that come with it. Another important note: There isn’t a difference between lifting kettlebells for sport and lifting for, say fitness. There’s lifting kettlebells and then there’s what you use Kettlebell lifting for. This is something that is being cleared up and clarified by the the American Kettlebell Club, with the assistance and technical guidance of their Head Coach, Valery Fedorenko (“the “Michael Jordan” of kettlebell lifting – world champion, record holder and national coach”). This is not to say that our exposure to kettlebells the last 5-10 years hasn’t been beneficial. It was immensely beneficial. Along with the skills it taught, it was a leading engine in creating a paradigm shift in the outlook on fitness (in North America anyway) and it forced the elite kettlebell lifting community out of obscurity, now making accessible to everyone the decades upon decades of experimentation, learning and perfection.

And lifting in this manner still fits in with the needs of Chris and I. The workouts will still only be around 35 mins long, we can do them here at home, they are still physically and (more importantly) mentally grueling and challenging and will keep us at a relatively high level of fitness.

Bring it on……heh,heh,heh…..





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