6 12 2007

roots.jpgA philosophy of interconnectedness has rooted itself here. It wasn’t necessarily the intention or the goal, but rather the organic outcome, as a result of the lives we strive to live. The spirit, body, mind and heart, all interweaving back and forth between each other. In fact working and existing as a single entity, as we struggle along trying to figure out their individual parts and how they all fit together:)

Developing a greater sense of awareness. When we emotionally feel a particular way, recognizing the discomfort, pain or sickness that our body manifests as a signal to what’s going on. When we allow the mind to run loose and become the dominating force within the entity that is us, seeing the build up of emotional instability that occurs as a result. When the body comes under extreme stress, throwing the mind into a state of panic, the need to call on the spirit to take over at the wheel and get us thru to the other side (in relatively one piece;) And the greater the awareness becomes, the harder it is to dispute this interconnectedness, the harder it becomes to progress forward without perceiving our growth in this manner.

Approaching our physical work as a means of also attending to our mental, spiritual and emotional work has tremendous benefits. It makes sure that we are actually being mindful of and taking time to attend to them. It helps to keep us looking at the whole rather than the zeroing in on, and losing ourselves, amongst the parts. It propels our personal growth forward and sparks it in those around us. It gives far greater meaning to the workouts than just getting a six pack. That greater meaning provides immense reserves of fuel that keeps us motivated to continue exercising (because let’s face it, if being in amazing shape was REALLY THAT IMPORTANT to us, we’d find a way to do it and all of us would look like Greek gods and goddesses).

Most of us need a reason for undertaking the physical work. Reflect on the work of the spirit, mind and heart that needs to be undertaken. Identify what is most pressing, what your “gut” is screaming out at you to address. Just take a sec, you’ll hear it. And before long, it’ll be loud and clear. You now have your REASON. Let it take root. Send it back along those interconnected channels to your body. “Alright, body, this is what we’re working on. Let’s give us exactly what we need to make it happen…….and look damn sexy while we’re doing it;)





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8 12 2007

This entry reminds of people asking me why I run. I always think to myself if you have to ask why you run or do any sport, it means that you have never really done it. My 5 year old students never ask me why they do the climbing wall or learn how to swim or skip rope or shoot baskets and kick balls. The more they play all out, the more they love it. It is pretty simple. Whenever I visit an area where I used to live and then take a run along an old path, it is like visiting an old friend. Thanks for the entry.

8 12 2007

This is very helpful, Shane. Because at the moment I find myself without any inspiration to do exercise, though I KNOW mentally that it will help me. But I’m having a hard time translating the mental knowledge into physical action.

9 12 2007

Thanks Richard:)

9 12 2007

And that’s exactly it, Erica. That’s the interconnectedness. Here you’ve got the mental part of the engine firing, sending out the message, but the physical part is, for whatever reason, not receiving and thus not starting up and moving. There’s a piece somewhere between “A” and “C” missing. So we take that time to find “B”. That’s where the spirit comes in. You find the quality needing to be developed. Once you have that, you insert “B”, and developing the quality becomes the motivation, which starts the physical engine moving. This, of course, doesn’t mean everything is running flawlessly now. But with the physical engine moving, being sparked by the desire to develop the quality, which you are reflecting on, on a regular basis, you’ve got things warming up, energy being generated, reverberations sounding back and forth. This all begins to bring you into balance. With that balance brings greater mental clarity. And with that greater mental clarity comes a better chance of being able to identify what it was that was causing the disruption in the first place…..perhaps there was build up in the emotional core of the system that was clogging it up. With all the other parts working together, you work on clearing out the emotional blockage, which then just continues to improve the whole system, increasing capacity, bringing you to a place where you are prepared to peel back the next layer, getting you (and all of us:) closer to the living beings we are meant to be.


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