I can’t do it!

5 01 2008

I know that this hole site is about being able to do it, pushing harder and not giving up  but yesterday I finally said in earnest, “I can’t do it”. The reason, however, was the right reason… I really could not do it without injury. In the process of fighting with oneself, in some cases on the regular bases,  we forget how important it is to listed to our body. They say ‘pain is weakness leaving our body’ and in my case it was true for me but yesterday I found myself trying something I can’t do yet. I have been at that point before but this was the first time that I stopped immediately and did not feel that I had failed. It was the first time that I felt ok with not accomplishing something I had set out to do. It is a very weird feeling for me since I am usually an over achiever! 🙂 The lesson was simple: If I can’t do it, it does not mean that I am not capable or willing, nor does it automatically put me in the quitters category, it simply points out the state of being we are in.In the process of setting goals we normally create smaller accomplishments which ultimately take us where we want to go but sometimes those plans are not realistic and we have to be OK with the fact. This allows us to re-evaluate and create new strategies which will ultimatelly get us there.So feel free to let yourself off the hook… no body is watching!ae 




2 responses

9 01 2008

I think that as I read your posting that the question I have to myself is,
“Whose hook am I on because it aint mine?”

10 01 2008

But once you know its not your hook why is it that you still feel responsible?

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