Be Careful What You Wish For…….

8 01 2008

copy-of-dscn3248.jpgAfter completing “300”, Chris and I had a couple weeks off from the hard training (well okay, it turned into 3) resting and figuring out what we would do next. We came to that decision, and have since been working on Kettlebell Lifting as I was taught in Vegas and have been able to gather from the info that is currently available out there.

Okay….well….Chris has been working on the Kettlebell Lifting. I’ve been….stretching. I wrote about finding what my focus for this year was going to be, here. A big part of that was slowing down, not being in any kind of rush (in that over-achiever kind of way). If “Excellence” is my major, than “Tak’in Time to Smell the Roses” is my minor. And as soon as I made that decision, just as I was psyched and ready to dive into the “Bells” (literally within 2 days of making the commitment), my back went out on me. REALLY OUT. Lower, middle, all of it. I hadn’t even started yet. That was just from trying to pick up a piece of paper off the floor. Had to go to the chiropractor, was laid up on the floor for a couple days, the whole deal. As I lay there, I tried to figure out what the heck happened and where that came from. Here I’d gone thru 6 months of hard training and completing one of the toughest physical tests of my life and my back had held out fine.

It didn’t take long for me to realize what (at least part of it) happened. I had just finished saying I was going to take it easy and not rush in. I’d committed to it, mind, body and soul. Yet, even though I was being much more focused, here I was, ready to dive in full bore. Now, keeping in mind the interconnectedness of all our facets, though my mind may have temporarily forgotten, my body sure didn’t and put on the brakes, full stop. “Whoa, Buddy! I’d be neglecting my duties if I let you continue”. So I slowed down, started small. I’ve been doing yoga and joint mobility. I’d built myself up to “two a day’s” and was feeling really good. Then pushed myself too hard one day (with some weightlifting….long story) thinking I was back, and relapsed, having to start all over again. No one said keeping it simple for the year was going to be easy;)

It was the relapse that finally solidified it in my mind. Only this time no chiropractor. I’d always been kind of anti-chiropractor. Then I was introduced to a great one about 4 years ago (after some re constructive knee surgery) and have gone in to see him about every 4-6 months to loosen up a tightening lower back (have had a bit of a lower back thing for about 10 years). Now I’m not saying chiro’s are bad. My chiropractor was awesome! They’re great! And they are very important for alot of people (who have it way worse than I) just so they can function. But I thought “I never used to need to see a chiropractor before, and I’m now in some of the most well balanced shape I’ve ever been in”. Doesn’t really make sense, does it. And I figured, well, if my body has been trying to tell me something via my lower back, then maybe I should listen. Getting adjusted makes me feel better and allows me to put aside whatever it is I’m supposed to be hearing. So, no chiropractor. I’m digging deep and working this one out on my own.

Yeah, it may be slow and it may not feel so good, but then, change and growth never is or does. Until after that is. Then you look back and say “Why the hell didn’t I do that earlier”! Hhhmmmnnn…….the back, the support for the body. Maybe if we take a peak elsewhere, some light may be further shed on this:)





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9 01 2008

Nice post. I think I would ask the question, “What is the relationship between smelling the roses and excellence?” Excellence is usually associated with nose to the grindstone and not the roses. However, Baha’u’llah loved roses and loved excellence.

Good hunting


10 01 2008

And you know, as I continue down this road, I’ve asked myself the same question. Because it wasn’t so much the striving for excellence that I had a problem with. I’ve always striven for excellence in everything I do. My thing was the taking on way to much of it all at once and trying to accomplish it now.
As I went thru the process of finding that quality I needed to work on, as I’d mentioned in “Excellence”, things like simplicity, contentment and detachment came to mind. And these somehow feel like they would fit the bill a bit better, yet none of them were “it”. It was when I came to excellence, that suddenly it all made sense, it fit, I knew this was the one.
Excellence could very well just be the one that leads me to the deeper one I need to work on (which in a big way I believe these all do, just lead on to the next one, and even eventually back to repeat some of the same ones but at greater depth).
Excellence could also be the “vehicle” that allows me to develop the other aspect. By striving to excel at such a high level on just one thing, it forces me to put all other interests on pause, thereby allowing me to slow down and not try to do them all.
Or it could be that I need to spend time with it, to get to know it better, because I need to re-define my perception of what excellence means. I’ve also grown up with (and I believe most of us have) that perception or association of excellence requires a “nose to the grindstone” type effort. Perhaps that’s the way it’s always been done and now it needs to evolve to a new stage (within myself anyway:).
It’s all pretty exciting and it’ll be interesting to see where things are at in a year from now!

Thanks for reading Richard and thanks especially for your feedback:)


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