Finding Your Pace

22 01 2008

albatross.jpgI was reflecting on this years journey (for greater details on that see “Excellence“), reflecting on the changes I’ve made this year in comparison to last and how that has translated into different aspects of my life. This year I’m really slowing down and putting more of my energy into a prioritized, focused endeavour (I’ve felt the need to do this for the last 10 years, but never took the time, as the pull of my “Do everything side” was quite overpowering). Now in retrospect, it makes sense that I would have this need to slow down the pace a bit, ’cause friends who describe me tend to attribute these traits with who I am: easy going, relaxed, not-stressed, calm. Yet the “pace” at which I lived my life didn’t actually reflect that. And even though I got alot accomplished, I still never felt like I was truly running at my potential, like I wasn’t really operating at my optimum capacity.

We are all very different, as people. We all have different speeds that we naturally run at. We all have different strengths. I think those variances are important in balancing us all out as a whole (meaning mankind). Part of finding THAT balance is the continuous, simultaneous effort of finding that balance within ourselves. And part of THAT balance is finding our “pace”. There is so much outside influence and pressure all around us to function in a particular way (otherwise you will FAIL……DUN DUN DUN!) that we are often not given enough time, space or support to truly find the pace we best operate at. Like putting an albatross up against an ostrich in foot race to succeed. There’s no way! But you let the albatross find his wings, flying at what may seem like a slow, easy going pace? Say bye-bye to Mr. Ostrich!

Trying to operate at an unnatural pace (no matter how much it “appears” you are getting done) is detrimental to both you and those around you. It has the effect of either running you ragged till you burn out at some point or just causing you to completely shut down, unable to function, not wanting to function.

So for your own benefit (and for the benefit of those around you;) take some time to step away from the “pace” you are running at and see if it truly is where you feel most comfortable, most natural. By making that slight adjustment, perhaps finding your wings, you may just be opening yourself to the true potential latent within.





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31 01 2008
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