Starting from Scratch

1 05 2008

It has been over a year now since we started Gym Jane and I have to say that it has been quite the journey. At first I thought that I would develop a awesome body, later I expected to learn discipline, but now I am learning that this exactly what a journey is about. Yo start out with a goal in mind but as time goes by you get to refine that goal.

About four months ago, Shane started working at a Gym in Vancouver and his schedule conflicted with our training times which was the end of my physical fitness. I realized that I was depending on Shane to maintain my discipline and in a way cheating! (hehe) Now this realization did not come easy… after all, I did work really hard and had to maintain a high level of commitment for a reasonable amount of time…. But I was still dependent.

And so after a couple of months of struggle and hard work I have started again. This time on my own. I get up early in the morning and some ‘Intu Flow’ and ‘kettle bells’ and am off to take care of the kids, wife, work, house, family and xbox. But to start over, I needed to reevaluate what I was doing. I knew that I could not commit to long workouts so I decided to make sure that it was around five minutes. I also had trouble with doing it outside (because we are in Canada and its winter), so I had to start with something that had smaller requirements in terms of space. Hence kettle bells.

So after doing Gym Jones / Cross Fit workouts for six months I started on a five minute routine which I make myself. My first thought was that I had given a step back but then I realized that I had just move a level up and that it was now time to start from scratch… on my own… at my pace. My only commitment is to do slightly better every day. Nothing else… and I don’t have any long term goals. The only goal is to workout.





2 responses

3 05 2008

way to go chris! you are an inspiration. 5 mins is awesome, imagine if everyone in the world (including me) did 5 mins of kettlebells a day, it would be a much improved world.

3 05 2008

What I have come to learn about goal setting is that there are always 2 simultaneous paths going on at the same time. One is physical and the other spiritual, in education we say one is content and the other is process. Most people do it things backward, that is, they try to develop a process so that they can get to a material goal, but then as soon as the material goal is reached they leave the process. What is exciting to hear you say is that the process is what you are learning and the material goal is not as relevant. Now you are at a higher level with discipline even though you may be doing less workouts. I am really inspired by your efforts.

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