Sometimes its Better to Maintain than to Grow

9 05 2008

Over the last couple of months I have been working out on my own. Because this proved to be a big enough challenge I felt like it would be a bad idea to take on any other major challenges so I created a very simple and short routine. I was aiming to take around five minutes and something that I could do inside the house because it was still winter – in Canada.

As time progressed, I really wanted to increase the workout because I could feel the higher energy levels that I get when I workout. BUT I was still concerned about over burdening myself with a longer routine. The issue around time is that I normaly get up with the kids and make sure that they are clothed and eaten before I start my day and the only way I fit a longer routine in is by getting up earlier. If you are a parent then taht is enough said – if you are still not… it will make more sense when you are sleep deprived for years. 🙂

What I decided to do was to do very small increments… and I mean VERY small increments. I started with 10 swings with a 12kg (26lb) kettle bell and after a week I moved up to 12 swings. From there I progressed to 15, 20 and now to 25. All of this happened over eight weeks and my ultimate goal is to some day do 100 but I have no rush. I also stared doing three jerks with each arm and have moved up to 15 in that same time frame.

The next thing that happened was that I started to get excited and wanted to continue increasing what I was doing but yesterday reality sunk in. I was having trouble finishing the routine and I realized that I am still builind and that sometimes its more inportant to consolidate the achievements one has gained by taking the time to solidify the learning, than it is to continue moving forward. So I have decided to just focus on doing the same thing for a coulple of weeks so that I can allow my body and mind to adjust to the changes before I put more on myself.

I hope this helps those people who are willing to start changing their lives. After all we are an amalgamate of our choises and I have chosen to spend five minutes every day to workout.





3 responses

21 05 2008

Chris, I found your comments very encouraging. I like the idea of committing to 5 minutes to start with. That’s much more reachable for me. I often think, “Oh well, I don’t have 45 minutes to exercize, so I won’t do anything.” I can handle 5 minutes.

21 05 2008

My though on this is that we should only commit to what is within our reach. Then we can do 110% with in that.
Plus its far better to little than nothing at all.

19 07 2008

Like your blog. Do you guys know where in Vancouver I can learn the “fluid style” KB lifting? Where to purchase AKC kettlebells?
Drop me an email please,

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