“Free to Move”

27 08 2008

I’ve been training with Scott Sonnon’s materials now for about 9 months. And with 9 months of focused practice, I’ve barely begun to delve beneath the surface. The extent and depth of what Scott and his coaches have to share with the world is impressive to say the least. Make no mistake, “extent” and “depth” have nothing to do with quantity (though there is plenty of that;), but rather with the quality that this Health and Well-Being system of Circular Strength Training (CST) brings.

The corner stone and starting place of CST is the Intu-Flow Longevity System. It is this system for pain-free joint mobility, that I have been using extensively with myself, as well as my clients (not to mention friends and family). I’ve had some pretty incredible results with this thus far and it has been of immense value to each and every person I’ve had the pleasure and blessing to share it with.

So I wanted to post the announcement that as part of the lead up to the release of Scott Sonnon’s new book, “Free to Move”, he is releasing free video tutorials on his blog of Intu-Flow. I believe (and have felt and seen) in the unequivocal benefits that Intu-Flow provides, that I wanted to share this accessible, FREE resource with all those that visit us here, that you might also take advantage of regaining the ability to be pain free and move.




Joyfully Pushing the Edge

25 08 2008

On Aug 2nd, a little over a week after the birth of my second son, after 10 days of absolute joy with having been home each day with my family, the theme for this new year coalesced into a clear, concrete vision. I know what I need to do.

With the “Year of Excellence”, I’d looked at the quality of excellence as the primary focus and the “slowing down, not rushing thru the process” was the secondary, complimentary quality. What I came to realize as I went thru it was that the slowing down was in fact what I needed and that developing the quality of excellence would help me achieve that. So as I come into this new year, I have a clearer understanding, at an earlier stage of what it is I’m fostering within me. This should help in having greater balance as I traverse onward.

After a few years of slowing down, not pushing so hard, and actively working thru that process, culminating with this last year, I felt a tremendous shift this summer, happening inside. A very familiar one that filled me with an excitement at having it rekindled, somewhat akin to seeing an old, dear friend after many years. I need to challenge myself….REALLY challenge myself, and do it adventurously. I need to push my edge, my capacity to the places where I’m forced to face myself, stripped down to the truth. I know, I know, I’ve just finished talking about slowing down, not pushing so hard, spending years to develop this within me and now your thinking “You Shmuck! Didn’t you learn anything!? Was this all for not?” The difference is the angle I’m coming at it with. These qualities I’ve been developing now help me approach this natural energy within me, with a higher level of grace, balance and effectiveness. This is where Joy comes in.

The quality I’m going to actively develop to foster this need to challenge myself is Joyfulness. It was during my time off after my son’s birth that this came to me. I’ve been rather blessed in my life to always be doing what I want and never feeling stuck in something or someplace I don’t want to be. It is a joy to be married to the amazing woman that my wife is. It is a joy for me to spend time with my sons and be an active part of raising them. It is a joy to be able to do the work that I’m doing, being of some assistance, whatever small part that may be, to the further personal evolution of people’s lives. It is a joy to be living where I’m living. It is a joy to be in the stage of life that I’m at. Yet I can get into this space of very disciplined, very focused, ready to take on any amount of work that comes my way and press on thru it. And sometimes the feelings of joy get brushed aside or are momentarily forgotten. That is except for, I can say with absolute honesty, my time with my sons (which I have made a conscious effort from day one, not to allow the weighing down of negative experiences in life to affect my time and interaction with them). And it was during that most joyful time with them, most especially the time I had with my oldest (since Will and his mom were sleeping most of the time;) that actively feeling the joy in all that I do struck me so.

One would think extreme challenge and joy wouldn’t naturally coincide, and yet, Chris has been known to use “giddy” when describing me on a huge hike, as it gets wetter….and colder….and harder….:) With that, the theme and name for this year is…… “Riding Giants”.

Stick Around🙂


Re-Capping the “Year of Excellence”…2

18 08 2008

Now where were we…..ahh yes,  Intu-Flow.

By this point, the quality of excellence morphed. It morphed into consistency. The slow and steady was still there, but rather than thinking about becoming excellent at a particular skill (though still there) the primary focus became consistency and applying that to the new skills I was learning (in order to deal with my back). That’s all I did, twice a day, for almost 3 months, working my way thru the various levels. Wow! There will be a lot more on this to come, but the effect of Intu-Flow has been unlike anything I have ever undertaken (from a physical exercise stand point). And it WAS helping the back, helping me move beyond the pain and immobility.

I then, on a last minute whim, partook in a course I’d been encouraging everyone else to attend, but felt I’d be unable to make myself. It was the first ever Kettlebell Fitness Instructor Certification, held in New York, which saw the combining of Valery Fedorenko and Scott Sonnon’s material. This was exactly the natural evolution in kettlebell lifting I could see happening upon my introduction to RMAX and the things taught there. And the best part: I felt great lifting thru the weekend and my continued lifting afterwards (still light, but doable and for longer). I have been continuing with all this and more.

Now this year of “Excellence” (which worked out to 9 months) has come to a close and the new theme realized and being acted upon. So what did I learn in this period I took to slow down (and strive for excellence and consistency)? Don’t be afraid to give yourself the time to discover what you need. Sometimes it takes a drastic change in how you approach life to find it. Don’t feel the drastic change will be a waste of time and energy. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to the way you were doing it before (which wouldn’t have brought you much further ahead anyway:). Have the courage to take the risk. Relax thru the process, you’ll learn what you need to, faster. Although we may know all this on an intellectual level, it takes time of actually applying it to turn it into real habits and natural thought processes. Then even more time to turn it into consistently repeatable acts. Also, by taking the time, you have a greater awareness of the opportunities that surround you, thereby giving you greater clarity of the details, the nuances, warnings and gems that life throws your way, thus having the ability to act upon them in a more timely fashion. When you take the time to smell the roses, you then see the bees, spiders and webs, ladybugs and the differing shades in colors of the petals. You get to taste the sweetness of the berries that grow and give yourself enough time to think of picking one of the roses to present as a gift to a loved one😉.

Is that it Shane? Not in the least, but as this is just the recap, we’ll save it for the weeks and months to come. To finish off, I’d just like to acknowledge that in the end it was a drastic change and risk worth taking.  I’ve come out the other end so much further along than if I’d kept trying to trudge thru the way I’d been doing it before. And having come to understand this thru experiencing it, all this new ingrained learning should get old much sooner (than the last round) as I continue to make my way, consistently and openly, along my evolutionary path.


Re-Capping the “Year of Excellence”

16 08 2008

The year of “Excellence” began for me on Dec 01 of 2007. It was the “theme” I’d chosen for the year as a result of the quality I recognized I needed to face and take to new depths. The partner or complementary quality that came along with that was “slowing down, not rushing thru the process”. The physical endeavor I’d chosen to coincide with and use as a vehicle to drive this development was kettlebell lifting as taught by the American Kettlebell Club (AKC). For this background in greater detail visit Excellence.

Now to recap the year itself. Just as I’d chosen to make this commitment for the year, my back went out on me (see Be Careful What You Wish For…..). I was relegated to joint mobility (learned thru Dragon Door and Steve Maxwell) and yoga . It was helping, but still couldn’t really get the kettlebells going. Then about a month later, I hurt my back again, ironically thru a weight training course I was taking towards my certification as a personal trainer.

Side note: I never actually made the official announcement or wrote about the transition to becoming a fitness professional, but I did. Around 5 months into Gym Jane, I’d decided it was time to take the step out of the old career and discover the one I needed to step into. I was just going to take it easy (from my usually driven ways) in finding that and do some other stuff in the meantime. It was in fact my wife and sister-in-law who suggested and encouraged getting into the personal training. I had never even really seen that as an option. All of this I just did out of a personal passion and interest. But I took their nudge to heart, meditated on it and took the plunge. Now I can’t see myself anywhere else.

With this second bout of brief debilitation, it sunk in fully “okay, don’t push it”. More joint mobility and yoga. Then 2 weeks prior to heading down to San Diego for my certification as a Kettlebell Lifting Coach with the AKC, I started to train the bells, albeit light, and just focused on technique. Went to the Cert, which was awesome! And my back survived, for the most part. After returning from San Diego, I realized I really needed to address this back thing in greater depth, as I was not going to be able to progress with where things were at. I began speaking with health professionals about potential solutions (no not surgery or anything like that).

Then a door opened, which, funny enough, I’d been fighting to keep closed. When I went to the Las Vegas workshop, I was introduced to the name Scott Sonnon and his company RMAX International. I’d started reading up on them (as Scott is an advisor for the AKC) and got really excited about what I saw. It all made so much sense, I wanted to dive right in. NNNNNNOO! STOP! This is the year of excellence and doing one thing (which was Kettlebells). I’m not going to allow myself to get sucked in. But after San Diego and getting on the coaches forum, I was seeing his stuff everywhere. “Well,” I thought “if he’s a part of all this, I should be allowed to learn more, to complete the package that is Kettlebell lifting a la AKC.” So I dug a little deeper and was guided to beginning with Intu-Flow, the joint mobility routine composed and created by Sonnon himself. And that’s what I did.

to be continued……:)


Welcome to the Newest Gym Janer!

12 08 2008

I’d like to start off with welcoming the newest Gym Janer. His name is Will. He is 2 and a half weeks old, happy and healthy. Born at 9 lbs 12 oz, he looks to be a strong, solid lad. And if he takes to his name with the same enthusiasm, he’ll have the spirit to match. His older brother has taken to him very well and seems to approve of this addition. Which is good, seeing as when he was born, he had come in at a healthy 9 lbs 15 oz and has already established his strong, independent self. Throw in his name, Olaf (images of the mighty vikings, warriors at one with the unforgiving ocean) and you’ve got yourself quite the pair. Hmmmnnn, this means I’m going to have to keep all this up, as they’re going to give this old man a run for his money;).

And for the women out there who can relate to what 9+ lbs means, their mom is doing well…..where do you think they got it from:).


P.S. Stick around, the fun’s not over yet. Next Gym Janer making his/her way this Fall:)

Back in the Swing of Things…..

7 08 2008

……well, not that we’ve been out of the swing of things. In fact, it’s been filled with loads of good stuff. And not that the intent to write wasn’t there. Just tough to actually sit down and write. Always seemed like there was something else needing to get done. Maybe the wee break was needed. Whatever it was, the call to write has returned and there’s lots to share. There’s a new Gym Janer, New York, Surfing, Mobility Madness, a Mountain, Kettlebells, Clubbells and much more, so Stay Tuned!

Great to be back,