Welcome to the Newest Gym Janer!

12 08 2008

I’d like to start off with welcoming the newest Gym Janer. His name is Will. He is 2 and a half weeks old, happy and healthy. Born at 9 lbs 12 oz, he looks to be a strong, solid lad. And if he takes to his name with the same enthusiasm, he’ll have the spirit to match. His older brother has taken to him very well and seems to approve of this addition. Which is good, seeing as when he was born, he had come in at a healthy 9 lbs 15 oz and has already established his strong, independent self. Throw in his name, Olaf (images of the mighty vikings, warriors at one with the unforgiving ocean) and you’ve got yourself quite the pair. Hmmmnnn, this means I’m going to have to keep all this up, as they’re going to give this old man a run for his money;).

And for the women out there who can relate to what 9+ lbs means, their mom is doing well…..where do you think they got it from:).


P.S. Stick around, the fun’s not over yet. Next Gym Janer making his/her way this Fall:)




4 responses

13 08 2008

Congratulations! A beautiful, healthy and BIG boy! Glad to hear his mom is doing well also.

14 08 2008

Thanks a ton Howie:)!


27 08 2008
Diane Davies

Well, that wee lad Will has got to be the most darling little Gym Janer I ever did see! And the good news is that it appears the old man is not only up for the run, but planning on enjoying every minute of it. Those of us at the sweaty gym are all looking forward to the day we get to meet the newest Gym Janer, his mother and his big brother. Congratulations all! Ciao, Diane ~

28 08 2008

Thanks Diane! Amazing to have all these people who appreciate him and he doesn’t even know them yet:)
Take Care and all the best with your training,

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