Re-Capping the “Year of Excellence”…2

18 08 2008

Now where were we…..ahh yes,  Intu-Flow.

By this point, the quality of excellence morphed. It morphed into consistency. The slow and steady was still there, but rather than thinking about becoming excellent at a particular skill (though still there) the primary focus became consistency and applying that to the new skills I was learning (in order to deal with my back). That’s all I did, twice a day, for almost 3 months, working my way thru the various levels. Wow! There will be a lot more on this to come, but the effect of Intu-Flow has been unlike anything I have ever undertaken (from a physical exercise stand point). And it WAS helping the back, helping me move beyond the pain and immobility.

I then, on a last minute whim, partook in a course I’d been encouraging everyone else to attend, but felt I’d be unable to make myself. It was the first ever Kettlebell Fitness Instructor Certification, held in New York, which saw the combining of Valery Fedorenko and Scott Sonnon’s material. This was exactly the natural evolution in kettlebell lifting I could see happening upon my introduction to RMAX and the things taught there. And the best part: I felt great lifting thru the weekend and my continued lifting afterwards (still light, but doable and for longer). I have been continuing with all this and more.

Now this year of “Excellence” (which worked out to 9 months) has come to a close and the new theme realized and being acted upon. So what did I learn in this period I took to slow down (and strive for excellence and consistency)? Don’t be afraid to give yourself the time to discover what you need. Sometimes it takes a drastic change in how you approach life to find it. Don’t feel the drastic change will be a waste of time and energy. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to the way you were doing it before (which wouldn’t have brought you much further ahead anyway:). Have the courage to take the risk. Relax thru the process, you’ll learn what you need to, faster. Although we may know all this on an intellectual level, it takes time of actually applying it to turn it into real habits and natural thought processes. Then even more time to turn it into consistently repeatable acts. Also, by taking the time, you have a greater awareness of the opportunities that surround you, thereby giving you greater clarity of the details, the nuances, warnings and gems that life throws your way, thus having the ability to act upon them in a more timely fashion. When you take the time to smell the roses, you then see the bees, spiders and webs, ladybugs and the differing shades in colors of the petals. You get to taste the sweetness of the berries that grow and give yourself enough time to think of picking one of the roses to present as a gift to a loved one😉.

Is that it Shane? Not in the least, but as this is just the recap, we’ll save it for the weeks and months to come. To finish off, I’d just like to acknowledge that in the end it was a drastic change and risk worth taking.  I’ve come out the other end so much further along than if I’d kept trying to trudge thru the way I’d been doing it before. And having come to understand this thru experiencing it, all this new ingrained learning should get old much sooner (than the last round) as I continue to make my way, consistently and openly, along my evolutionary path.





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22 08 2008

So when can I get a copy of this intu-flow? Dad has it, I mean I might as well keep myself agile and balanced while pregnant since I doubt I will have much energy to go jogging…lol..not that I jogged before. I am noticing my body already getting kind of soft and sore, this could be the type of work I do and I am starting to go to a chiropractor again but I think it is more then that…I don’t know what do you think Trainer Shane?

Please give the family a big hug for me….

25 08 2008

For the Intu-Flow disc, check out the link to RMAX. Personally, I think Intu-Flow is one of the best things you could do for yourself right now, in preparation for having the babe. I believe you are right, it most likely is more then that. Something we could explore after you have the baby. But for the time being, delve into Intu-Flow, do it as consistently as possible, be aware of slight modifications needed as the baby grows within and feel free to ask any questions as you progress thru it. If I can’t answer it, I’ll guide you to a place where you can get the answer:).

Talk Soon,

27 08 2008

Ahaaaa…..ask and you shall receive:). Courtney, as part of the lead up to the release of Scott Sonnon’s new book, “Free to Move”, he is releasing free video tutorials on his blog of Intu-Flow. The link is posted in my post “Free to Move”.

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