“Free to Move”

27 08 2008

I’ve been training with Scott Sonnon’s materials now for about 9 months. And with 9 months of focused practice, I’ve barely begun to delve beneath the surface. The extent and depth of what Scott and his coaches have to share with the world is impressive to say the least. Make no mistake, “extent” and “depth” have nothing to do with quantity (though there is plenty of that;), but rather with the quality that this Health and Well-Being system of Circular Strength Training (CST) brings.

The corner stone and starting place of CST is the Intu-Flow Longevity System. It is this system for pain-free joint mobility, that I have been using extensively with myself, as well as my clients (not to mention friends and family). I’ve had some pretty incredible results with this thus far and it has been of immense value to each and every person I’ve had the pleasure and blessing to share it with.

So I wanted to post the announcement that as part of the lead up to the release of Scott Sonnon’s new book, “Free to Move”, he is releasing free video tutorials on his blog of Intu-Flow. I believe (and have felt and seen) in the unequivocal benefits that Intu-Flow provides, that I wanted to share this accessible, FREE resource with all those that visit us here, that you might also take advantage of regaining the ability to be pain free and move.






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27 08 2008

Pic was borrowed from amazon.com

26 10 2008
healing hands and the little paint set « hoogli art

[…] is healed. Just recently from the loving advice of my personal trainer husband, I started doing “Intu-flow”. He has gotten everyone in my family doing it and we have all seen tremendous results. It is a kind […]

4 11 2008
Fiona’s birth story « mud spice: mucking about in art and motherhood

[…] by the evening after Fiona was born, I was already up doing stretching and intu-flow, a joint mobility exercise routine. Chris thought I was crazy, but it made me feel so much better […]

8 11 2008

Hooray for intuflow!

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