Incrementally to the Depths

13 09 2008

Silhouette of Underwater Sea Turtle from BeneathI tend to have a voracious appetite for new learning and diverse, exciting experiences on a continually widening variety of interests. Now I’m not one to fly randomly from one to the next merely for a taste and, once having had a bite, moving on. Those who know me know I dive in with purpose, head first and with great vigor….from one….to another…..and another….. hhmnnn. Is that any better?

Yes, it’s a natural part of the exploration process as we learn more about ourselves, but it’s only a portion of the whole. We also need to take and spend time with these discoveries. If that time isn’t taken, then we’ll often miss the step required to move thru and past the surface and, in fact, never actually fully draw from them the true value they have to offer us.

To do so we need to slow up a bit, take it one step at a time. In this day and age, when everything is sped up, that’s easier said than done. I tended to progressed thru whatever I did rather quickly. But the eventual plateau would hit, having gone as far as I could taking leaps and bounds. Now, the only way to move further, move deeper, was to go back to the beginning and start filling in the holes, walking in the footsteps I’d skipped, to learn the keys skills or lessons that would unlock what lay beyond. However, the draw of the next new, exciting idea or interest (and the rush of making forward progress) was too great. I would move on before really taking the time to go back….and move on.

Knowing I needed to change that in order to go to greater depths, I’ve been working (for the last 5 years or so) on taking my steps sequentially. And with this last year’s effort in truly slowing down, not rushing and delving into only one area of interest (Kettlebell Lifting) for one complete year, I started to truly see and experience where moving incrementally takes you. It’s taken me on a route I could not have foreseen. It’s moved me so far “back” (and deep), that I’m not even lifting Kettlebells for my own training at the moment. The Kettlebells are no where near done, just on pause, because I have a step I need to take before revisiting them. A step that, I believe, will take me farther in my lifting (and many other activities of interest) than had I not found and taken it. A step, that brought me into a private training session last week with Scott Sonnon, creator of the Circular Strength Training System, and unlocked an understanding within me beyond anything I’d yet experienced in my exploration of physical culture and human performance.






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