Gymnos Evolution

30 10 2008

The day has arrived. When I started out on this new career path, I knew I would eventually be starting my own business. Of course, there first needed the laying of the foundation before doing so. There was educating myself, taking my learning of physical culture to a whole new level. Shipping myself off across the continent and back to learn from the best. Familiarizing with the current fitness industry. And most importantly, identifying what it was I had to offer the world thru health, fitness and overall well-being.

With my own training evolving, the vision crystallizing and the last few months of hard work, I’m very happy to officially launch: Gymnos Evolution

I invite you all to check out my new website:

Thanks to everyone who visit us here at Gym Jane, for your continued comments, support, interest and encouragement. It’s what keeps us going:)

And stick around, this new evolution is merely the beginning!




11 10 2008

As a father of two, I have seen one of the purest meanings of strength: in their mother, the woman who carried and brought them into this world. And I’m not just talking about the labor, which trumps ANYTHING I have or will ever experience in my life. I’m also talking about the complete physical transformation that women undergo, physiologically, bio-chemically, all of it. Then needing to be so closely tied to them, for the first little while anyway, especially if you breastfeed them. The giving up of themselves for a time, to breath new life into this world.

The closest thing we as men will ever be able to come to experiencing that is by being by their side, day in and day out. It merely provides a glimpse.

I’m sharing these thoughts because a little while ago I came across another amazing example of this strength (my wife continues to blow me away with hers each and every day) when I came upon a training video of a woman getting herself back in shape after having had her son. Her name is Maya Garcia. She and her husband Steve Khuong are Strength and Conditioning Specialists out of California and run The Ice Chamber. I met Maya and Steve when we were getting certified as Kettlebell Lifting Coaches in San Diego. Really great couple.

Now, this isn’t some lose a bazzillion pounds, get ripped, never look like you carried a baby in 4 weeks kinda deal. This took a year of incremental progress, determination, consistency, patience , hard work and….strength. I have been truly inspired by Maya as I continue with my own training and practice.

Without further ado: Postpartum Maya!