ICEing on the Cake

11 12 2008

Taking hold of an idea by Kettlebell Lifting Master Coach Catherine Imes to have a nontraditional cross-world kettlebell event, The Ice Chamber hosted an in-house meet that saw 50 of their members take part.

Huge companies with oodles of money and advertising power behind them spend loads trying to get you (subliminally convince you?) to buy their contraptions or go on their diets or take their supplements, promising the best body, greatest energy, vitality, changing your life for the better. And yet we see a continuing pattern of increasing obesity, depression and disease.

Although I’ll be the first to admit, lest I be a hypocrite, I do believe there are perhaps more effective tools out there than others;), there is something for everyone. But it is not about what you use or how you do it, rather it is about the spirit with which you do it. That is the key that will spark the change in peoples attitude towards their health and fitness, towards their respect for themselves and others, towards their noble selves and the immense capacities within.

And the Ice Chamber’s event really captured where that spirit comes from.  From you, me, our husbands and wives, our kids, our friends, our neighbors, from our creativity, our courage, our sense of play, our perseverance, our succeeding…….together.

Check out the event HERE.

Great job you guys! Keep it com’in!:)


Apparently, you only have to do it once in the head!

10 12 2008

Wow! The suggestions I got from last post were great. I think that the two things that stood out the most for me at this point were the need for a plan and that I have to confront my fears (which I like to do).

The first, thanks to Howie, I realized that I have never had a visualization of me changing my fitness health. In fact, I have always imagined that I would continue to struggle for the rest of my life but never really change anything! Which is a horrible way to live life (once you realize you are doing it). I still don’t have a plan but I have to sit and thing about it and then visualize its completion. It is probably like anything else, you need a certain amount of faith that you can do something or you end up going through the motions but never thinking it will make a change. How profound! (Thanks again Howie!)

Which brings me to the second. I was going to say that I have no idea what I fear but as I am writing, it is obvious to me that the thought that things would stay the same and that I would always have to stuck in a rut were a cause of great fear. Of course, I am also afraid of zombies, aliens and robots taking over the world, but somehow this one is more tangible. In my life, I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. I want other peoples live to be better because of my choices, but it is becoming all to obvious that I have not had enough faith that I would. Although I might have said that I did, there were still some of my own misapprehensions hidden and lurking for opportune moments to bring me down! (it actually sounds evil when I say it that way! :D)

The solution to my predicaments seems to be the visualizing of a simple plan which should take a year or two to achieve. Nothing crazy – like the things I normally set out to do. But something, practical and valuable. The biggest thing is that I have to truly believe that I can do it – and do it I will. Even if I have trouble getting up sometimes.

Thanks again to all the people that have posted comments. I hope you will continue to share your experiences and thoughts!


Doing things in your head first

8 12 2008

When it comes to doing my workout in the morning, it has become easier and easier but the challenges are not over. The biggest one at this point is the thought of having to do it or the fear of missing a section. After last post there was a lot of feedback from people and it made me realize that part of the issue was that I was doing the work twice.

Sure, I would get up when my alarm went off, muttering the word ‘discipline’ to myself and then faithfully went through the routine but the issue was that I was doing the workout in my head before hand and by the time I got around to doing it I had done it twice.

Let me explain. When you have to do something that you are already having trouble doing, there is nothing worse for morale than dwelling on it before  hand. If you don’t like your vegetables but you need the nutrients then you close you eyes, eat the vegetables first, and get on with it. If you keep them on your plate until the end of the meal you have nothing to look forward to and the worst is ahead of you.

The part that I have found important is to make a plan and then only think about it when its time to reevaluate – never while doing it. The thing to avoid is to reevaluate all the time. This just causes less willingness to act when the times comes.

The second issue is the fear that now that I am getting into a pattern, I could fall off the waggon at anytime. What if I stop doing it again and then it will be hard all over again? Or what will happen to my body as I get older?

This one has me stumped. This one is pure emotional because no matter how I rationalize it, I always come back to the fear! For now the solution is to push through but I know that it has to do with Todd comment last week:

  • Drop what you know
  • Suffering is optional
  • Be here now
  • Get out of your head and into your body

The issue is that I am not sure how to bridge the thoughts.

Suggestions are welcome. 😀