Doing things in your head first

8 12 2008

When it comes to doing my workout in the morning, it has become easier and easier but the challenges are not over. The biggest one at this point is the thought of having to do it or the fear of missing a section. After last post there was a lot of feedback from people and it made me realize that part of the issue was that I was doing the work twice.

Sure, I would get up when my alarm went off, muttering the word ‘discipline’ to myself and then faithfully went through the routine but the issue was that I was doing the workout in my head before hand and by the time I got around to doing it I had done it twice.

Let me explain. When you have to do something that you are already having trouble doing, there is nothing worse for morale than dwelling on it before  hand. If you don’t like your vegetables but you need the nutrients then you close you eyes, eat the vegetables first, and get on with it. If you keep them on your plate until the end of the meal you have nothing to look forward to and the worst is ahead of you.

The part that I have found important is to make a plan and then only think about it when its time to reevaluate – never while doing it. The thing to avoid is to reevaluate all the time. This just causes less willingness to act when the times comes.

The second issue is the fear that now that I am getting into a pattern, I could fall off the waggon at anytime. What if I stop doing it again and then it will be hard all over again? Or what will happen to my body as I get older?

This one has me stumped. This one is pure emotional because no matter how I rationalize it, I always come back to the fear! For now the solution is to push through but I know that it has to do with Todd comment last week:

  • Drop what you know
  • Suffering is optional
  • Be here now
  • Get out of your head and into your body

The issue is that I am not sure how to bridge the thoughts.

Suggestions are welcome. 😀





2 responses

8 12 2008

Hey Man, I know all too well what it’s like to wake up early every morning to squeeze your workout into the day. Some mornings are easier than others. Unless you’re training for a competition or some kind of deadline, listen to your body. If you sleep in one morning, don’t sweat it. There’s always tomorrow.

Not sure what “drop what you know” means. But I’m just the opposite. I try to culminate everything and find patterns and reasons why some things work and why some don’t. The longer you do this you realize that it’s not so much “what” you do, but that you “do” something. Keep moving. healthy and strong. What you do should improve yourself and not tear you down.

Suffering is definitely optional, but hard work and sweat are a requirement. No one changes their body or their mind without putting in real work. If it were easy, everyone would be able to do it. It takes determination and will.

Be here now but think ahead. Before you take a long car ride you find your destination and then map out your course. Same with health and fitness. You need to know where you want to be in the future so you can start on the right path now. Only a few are lucky enough to stumble into it.

And yes, set your plan and work it hard. Too much variety can be a bad thing. Most people don’t see real gains or truly significant progress because they don’t stick with their original plan long enough. A good routine can on the exterior be very boring. The same thing, each and every time. But if you work it correctly, you’re always shifting slightly and working it to constantly improve. And you only learn by doing when it comes to fitness or strength.

We only get one life. Enjoy it. Make sure you enjoy your training. If you don’t, find something that you do enjoy. Make it part of you. If you fall out of sync for a while, take a few steps back, re-align yourself and start moving forward again. It’s the process that makes the difference, not where you end up.

Just my thoughts off the top of my head. Hope some of it helps.

9 12 2008

Nice Howie! Chris, here are a few thoughts to throw in the mix. You’ve worked really hard to develop the quality of discipline. Consistency, perseverance, trust (in your self) are a few others that have come along the way.

Now you’ve identified that not only has it been tough, because you’ve done it twice (first time in your head), but that a driving force behind the reason WHY your going thru it in your head first is fear. Fear that you won’t go thru with it. Fear that you won’t finish it. Fear that if you don’t force yourself thru, you’ll fall off the wagon. Fear that you won’t get back on. It seems the “fear” is the obstacle to your developing the quality (ies), to enjoying your workouts, to feeling empowered by the results you achieve thru the hard work.

Then again, perhaps it’s not an obstacle to developing those qualities. Perhaps those qualities are already there, strong, rooted, more a part of you than you realize. Perhaps what the fear is, is an obstacle to your being able to access them.

So now it’s no longer about trying to develop the qualities, because they are already there. Now it’s about delving into where the fear is coming from. Identify the root of the fear, then you can begin to work on letting it go. Let go of the fear and the thoughts will quiet down. When the thoughts quiet down, you won’t be doing it twice (in the head first). Doing it just the once will allow you to put more focused energy into the workouts, which will garner greater results; physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Not to mention allow all those gems of inestimable value, which are already latent within, magnify themselves forth tenfold.

1st step: Identify the fear.
2nd step: Face it:)

Just some thoughts to throw into the mix.


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