About Us

We are brothers-in-law, Dad’s, good friends. Throughout our lives, we’ve each personally striven to improve ourselves daily: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Have we always been successful…….mmnnn……yet to be determined;).

Having grown up in extreme environments (the Amazon and the Arctic), we’ve both had a real sense of adventure fostered within us and thrive on a good challenge. Well, no greater challenge then the work needing to be done on oneself. This is not to say it is inward focused, but rather done to increase our capacities, natural gifts and innate strengths, that we may be of greater service to those around us: our children, our wives, our families, our friends, our communities, humanity. And living in the same house (Chris and fam upstairs, Shane and fam downstairs) has provided us the opportunity to do so together.

Adventures have included traveling to various parts of the world with the families, hiking/climbing the local mountains, runs out to the nearby Burger joints and the regular exercise routines we undertake. We use these as vehicles for the further growth, understanding and improvement of ourselves and the world around us, connecting the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, striving to maintain that fine balance.

Gym Jane sprouted from all this and our deciding to share our adventures (and misadventures), to connect with others doing the same, expanding that web of interconnectedness, thereby expanding the support system, thereby expanding the likelihood of all of us succeeding in the journey down our various paths.

Welcome and Enjoy,

ae & s.


3 responses

9 03 2008

Hey there fellow AKC coach! Great blog! I like your philosophy and share your goals (family, etc.). Just a quick question though, I use the freshy theme as well, but I’d like to put tabs in my title bar (or whatever that’s called). How’d you do that?



9 03 2008

OK, I figured it out. Disregard my last comment. You can reach me at ironbellathletics@gmail.com.

Are you currently training for GS?


11 03 2008

Thanks Jim, glad you had an opportunity to drop by! Look forward to hearing more from ya and of your journey as you work to balance it all (and succeed;).


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