Two for You, Two for Us, Two All Around

29 05 2009

We can now officially call this a tradition!

Gym Jane’s been around now in the blogging ‘verse for two years. And to mark that time we stand with hand held to heart and raise our voices in song, the song we’ve adopted as our anthem;).

Thanks all for following along and for your responses and feedback. We hope sharing the journey continues to spark thought, reflection and inspiration, no matter how small.

s. & ae


Gymnos Evolution

30 10 2008

The day has arrived. When I started out on this new career path, I knew I would eventually be starting my own business. Of course, there first needed the laying of the foundation before doing so. There was educating myself, taking my learning of physical culture to a whole new level. Shipping myself off across the continent and back to learn from the best. Familiarizing with the current fitness industry. And most importantly, identifying what it was I had to offer the world thru health, fitness and overall well-being.

With my own training evolving, the vision crystallizing and the last few months of hard work, I’m very happy to officially launch: Gymnos Evolution

I invite you all to check out my new website:

Thanks to everyone who visit us here at Gym Jane, for your continued comments, support, interest and encouragement. It’s what keeps us going:)

And stick around, this new evolution is merely the beginning!


Celebrating One Year!

8 05 2008

Here we are, one year later. It’s hard to believe. We were quite struck a couple weeks ago, when we were out for our first hike in a little while and we realized that it was on the very same mountain, the very same trail, nearly to the day that we had first decided to undergo the task of training to complete the “300” test. It was then a few weeks into that, that we began the blog.

In looking back, it’s been interesting to see the development undergone here. The very natural, very organic shape being taken by the shear act of taking one step at a time. Not overly concerned with the direction being taken, but rather wholly engrossed in the process. Now we find ourselves in a place, with a strong sense of who we are and what we do, what GYM JANE is and does….well, at least until the new lessons learned instigate and propel us onward to new stages of growth.

The last couple of weeks we’ve taken a look at and revamped the info above, regarding Gym Jane, as it pertains to us today. A year later, things have evolved:) We’d like to invite you to check it out. And for those who are new to Gym Jane and want a little more history on how all this came about, we saved the original write ups and put them under the “Origins” category.

Thanks to all who have followed the adventures of the last year and continue to follow and share in the journey, hopefully taking something away to your own. And a big thank you to all of you who have shared your thoughts and input. It is the primary reason for “throwing it out there” and sharing what we do. To connect and grow together.

We’d like to leave you with a wee medley. We decided, that to celebrate One Year of Gym Jane, we wanted to officially adopt our anthem. Something strong, something exciting, something inspiring, something……well something that will downright tug at your heart-strings……

See you on the flip side,

ae & s.

Naming Conventions

26 06 2007

hanes 10One thing to keep in mind when thinking about Gym Jane is that we like to have fun while doing what we do. Gym Jones talks about discipline and Crossfit has a wicked form but we have taken what was useful for us and added what we needed to make it work.

When I was looking at the name page today, I realized that it was the same with the names. It might seem like we are mocking Gym Jones but in our minds it has always been about taking something and adapting it to fit our work out needs.

Case in point was the ‘Turkish Get Downs’ I am sure that many people find the getting up hard but for me the getting down is the bigger challenge. There is a lot more concentration to make sure that all muscle groups are doing the right thing… while dizzy and with 26 lb a foot above you head.

Fam HikingAbout the 300! We are still working up to being able to do the whole thing but I don’t feel its our most important goal any more. I think there are higher things to aspire to.

History a la S. (Pt. 3)

23 05 2007

Once the gym was done, I ordered my first Kettlebells and got started. I worked out with those predominantly for about a year. The strength, flexibility and subsequent rehab of my knee was amazing! It did more in that year than the previous year of yoga One handand the prescribed isolation exercises (and plyometrics that I threw in myself) could ever have achieved. I now have no problems with my knee and still maintain a very active lifestyle, confident that my knee will hold up to the vigor’s I put it through. I then spent a year rotating between kettlebell routines, bodyweight/gymnastics routines and routines that were styled after something I’d heard about called Crossfit. As I began learning a little more about Crossfit, I came across Gym Jones. Now, for most of that year I just read the essays presented there and watched the video diaries, which were a great source of inspiration. Then this year, I kept finding myself more and more drawn to Gym Jones and the Crossfit system of fitness. I’d decided to start learning about it in earnest.


In the midst of my concentrated learning about Crossfit and development of the home gym, my brother-in-law (and partner in crime), Chris, mentioned that he’d seen some stuff on the new film “300”. We started talking about what it was that those guys must have done to get into that kind of shape. Having been familiar with Gym Jones and Crossfit for the last year, I mentioned these as the source and primary system used. We both got excited and decided we would commit to the next 9 weeks (at the very least) of Crossfit, at the end of which we would attempt the “300” test.


This brings us to now. And it very quickly became apparent that, although we were going to get into great shape, we probably wouldn’t be attempting “300”. Where we would be at, after 9 weeks, was a place closer to attempting a “300 Jr.” of sorts… “150”. Which is fine, it’ll give us an excuse to keep going (like we would really need one). Stay tuned for our continued progress (as we are now at the half way point) and the coming results of week 9 (Test Day: June 14).


History a la S. (Pt. 2)

23 05 2007

Okay…..the change. First, I had to look at how much time it was taking. Fifteen minutes to the gym and fifteen back. I biked to get my cardio in during the travel, was never one for the stationary bikes and treadmills. I did an hour to an hour and a half of weight lifting (yes, of the more standard, isolation type work we are familiar with) and another 15 min of stretching. That came out to 2hrs or more of my time! And I hadn’t even had a shower or eaten my breakfast yet. Right, so I decided I would work out at home. That would cut out about 45 min, in travel and all the in betweens. I biked every where, so that would count towards my cardio. Now I didn’t have much in the way of equipment at home. I have a huge repertoire of military, calisthenics style fitness, but I wanted to expand.

As I searched, I knew that something else I was looking for was simplicity. I wanted to cut down on my actual workout time and knew that there were more full body exercises I could be taking advantage of and make the basis for constructing my routines. It wasn’t long before I ran into an old article I had saved from a few years before, written by Pavel Tsatsouline. The topic: building strength through two moves, one legged squats and one-armed push-ups. Well, you don’t get a whole lot simpler than that. I was thus introduced to Dragon Door and the relatively yet unfamiliar world (in our North American fitness system anyway) of Kettlebells. I immediately began reading, at a rabid pace, the books and articles written by Pavel and the gang. Watching every little video clip I could find. I wanted to be sure this wasn’t just some new fitness fad, before I committed. But the reason I couldn’t stop taking it all in and filling my cup was because it all made a lot of sense (a lot more than the current fitness “bodybuilder” type philosophy’s). Besides, it wasn’t a new fad, it was OLD school, gritty, rough, hard…..and I love that!


I finished out my gym membership doing the “Power to the People” routine (taking advantage of the fact that I still had access to the equipment). By that switch alone, I had cut my workout’s down to 45 min tops, my total time to and from the gym, one hour to one hour and fifteen min. And I was feeling great! My deadlift and bench press were increasing faster than I had ever done before and I was feeling strong.

……to be continued…….


History a la S. (Pt. 1)

23 05 2007

I’ve been into physical fitness since high school, exercising in gyms, in the cube that was my room, outdoors and playing a lot of sports. There was a ton of learning thru injuries, not always the best way to go, but it definitely catapults your knowledge base, both theoretical and practical, forward.

Side rant: For the love of God, take what you’ve learned, if you have learned anything, about physical fitness and pass it on to your kids, so they don’t have to suffer thru injury as much as we all have! Not to say they aren’t going to suffer some. In fact great lessons are learned and solid character forged thru suffering. But at least, if armed with the knowledge of our experiences and the lessons learned from those, they’ll be able to take what we’ve done with our lives a step further in their own, with greater success. In fact our kids end up becoming great teachers to us, assisting us to take our “game” up to the next stage.

Where was I……aah yes. The injuries J . More specifically, the time I blew my knee out and had to get reconstructive surgery. Now, I was in great shape at the time, but, while playing in a soccer tournament, I blew my knee out. And get this, I was just changing direction. So, there was a chink in the armor. Besides shaking up the entire direction my life was going in (yep, great learning from injuries), and all for the best, it made me once again take a look at and reassess the value of what I had learned to date about physical fitness and it’s application to my life. The knee injury and subsequent rehab not only made me fertile soil for new knowledge and systems to take root and grow, but made me hungrily seek them out.

Then something happened that cinched the fitness path I chose to walk down. IQuality Time became a Dad. During my sessions in the gym (which, by the way, was the best I’d been in to that point. Despite the number of machines, it had an old school feel to it, in a big warehouse, with a real presence of free weights, guys actually power lifting, a boxing area and basket ball court, which was great for sprint and medicine ball work) I began thinking about how things would change. Change with regards to the amount of time I could commit to my fitness and how it would take shape with the coming of my son, because it was not going to stop, but it was going to change.

….to be continued……