Gymnos Evolution

30 10 2008

The day has arrived. When I started out on this new career path, I knew I would eventually be starting my own business. Of course, there first needed the laying of the foundation before doing so. There was educating myself, taking my learning of physical culture to a whole new level. Shipping myself off across the continent and back to learn from the best. Familiarizing with the current fitness industry. And most importantly, identifying what it was I had to offer the world thru health, fitness and overall well-being.

With my own training evolving, the vision crystallizing and the last few months of hard work, I’m very happy to officially launch: Gymnos Evolution

I invite you all to check out my new website:

Thanks to everyone who visit us here at Gym Jane, for your continued comments, support, interest and encouragement. It’s what keeps us going:)

And stick around, this new evolution is merely the beginning!



Month of Shed

18 09 2007

Over the last 5 weeks we have been working on different program. We have been focusing on strength and working with kettle bells. On top of that we also decided to move close to the Zone diet which basically would increase my vegetable intake and lower the carb intake as well as take dairy and wheat out completely.

I normally eat well and don’t really have a lot of garbage food but during this time, I really focused on eating for energy. If I ate something it was because it would increase my energy and I did not it was because it would take too much energy to digest it.

It was a very interesting 5 weeks. I don’t think I have ever done a strict diet and if I ever tried, I did not finish it. 🙂  There is no reason to torture oneself to meet others definitions of beauty.

The lesson for me was that I can still improve my eating habits and not suffer hunger or urges. The results were loosing about 5 lbs, which I could not say if it is good or bad thing since the goal was to improve my health. The only reason I am interested in loosing some pounds was to improve my hiking.  🙂

So… mission accomplished. NOW I CAN EAT PIZZA! hehehe


The Ghetto Gym

3 07 2007

This morning, while I was putting all the weights away, I thought for a moment that it would be nice to have proper places for our equipment, such as a rack for the weights. It would be so much easier and faster if all the equipment was just in one room and we could quickly access it without having to do anything.

SprintBUT then! I realized that I would be in a gym… and in one of those gyms with towels and fancy amenities. The monetary implications alone would be prohibitive (way too expensive)! but what would be worse is that they would be pushing ‘body image’ on me! I would also be socially forced into purchasing extra services to keep up with friends and needing to create a new social network. All this so that I can workout!

gym-3.jpgThe more I do exercise, the more I realize that it is an activity that is meant to help one’s body and mind and not means for social acceptance. As a consequence, I quickly was brought back to reality. Gym Jane is really what I want! A gym where I have to bring the weights out in absolute silence every morning and set everything up in such a way as to not wake up the kids. And again, at the end, bring all the equipment back in stealth mode to keep the peace of the house.

The back alley gym is were I need to start to learn some of the most important lessons and here it were I will continue to learn and grow.


The Alley

23 05 2007

The alley has become a very important part of the space for us.


It’s the strip behind the house that we use for sprint work, tire work (drags/pulls/flips), farmer carries. We’ve measured out all of the distances we work with. The alley is also where “The Telephone Pole” is located (another integral piece of gear).

The Port

23 05 2007

The car port is the heart of the gym.


It’s where most of the gear get’s laid out and set up when we workout. It’s also the cover that keeps the rain off our heads during the winter months…..that is until it’s time to run…..or drag a tire……or any number of exercises that call for completion, rain or shine.