Gymnos Evolution

30 10 2008

The day has arrived. When I started out on this new career path, I knew I would eventually be starting my own business. Of course, there first needed the laying of the foundation before doing so. There was educating myself, taking my learning of physical culture to a whole new level. Shipping myself off across the continent and back to learn from the best. Familiarizing with the current fitness industry. And most importantly, identifying what it was I had to offer the world thru health, fitness and overall well-being.

With my own training evolving, the vision crystallizing and the last few months of hard work, I’m very happy to officially launch: Gymnos Evolution

I invite you all to check out my new website:

Thanks to everyone who visit us here at Gym Jane, for your continued comments, support, interest and encouragement. It’s what keeps us going:)

And stick around, this new evolution is merely the beginning!



Welcome to the Newest Gym Janer!

12 08 2008

I’d like to start off with welcoming the newest Gym Janer. His name is Will. He is 2 and a half weeks old, happy and healthy. Born at 9 lbs 12 oz, he looks to be a strong, solid lad. And if he takes to his name with the same enthusiasm, he’ll have the spirit to match. His older brother has taken to him very well and seems to approve of this addition. Which is good, seeing as when he was born, he had come in at a healthy 9 lbs 15 oz and has already established his strong, independent self. Throw in his name, Olaf (images of the mighty vikings, warriors at one with the unforgiving ocean) and you’ve got yourself quite the pair. Hmmmnnn, this means I’m going to have to keep all this up, as they’re going to give this old man a run for his money;).

And for the women out there who can relate to what 9+ lbs means, their mom is doing well…..where do you think they got it from:).


P.S. Stick around, the fun’s not over yet. Next Gym Janer making his/her way this Fall:)

Learning to count……from scratch:)

24 09 2007

o an eDuring one of the workouts last week, Erika was doing Turkish Half-ups with a kettlebell. My son Olee saw her doing them and said “lay down…..keddubells”. He grabbed two Wee Kettlebells and lay down on his back next to his Aunt. He then raised the kettlebells above his head and tensing up his whole body, grunting and wheezing (under the immense weight of the bells *wink*:) he counted along with Erika. “Oooone….urghu….twooooooo…argh…..fweeeeee…….”

It was priceless:)


Expanding Our Vocabulary

15 08 2007

So this morning was the first morning that Chris, Erika, Juliet and I all worked out. Chris’s younger brother Kevin also joined us. And of course some visiting by the kids:) Get all these people together and the “Moments” come in droves.

I was teaching Kevin the proper form and execution of the jerk. I said “this one’s called a Jerk”. Kevin, in his best defensive, South Park voice, responded with….”You’re a Jerk…”:)

Chris and Kevin were heading in after we were done our workouts and Olee came out as Erika and Juliet were getting ready to start their workout. He saw Kevin heading upstairs and said “Kewin…exercise…” The boy’s just a year and 3/4’s old.

Also during the transition between the two workouts, Diego came charging out the door (this was the first time he’s been out with us during the workouts). He was so excited, laughing and screaming. He immediately ran over to the two 35 lbs kettlebells and (with perfect squat form, little kids are amazing that way) tried to lift them. As he did that he said “Ooooooo……hewy” (translation: heavy). This boy is just a year and a half:)

I told the ladies we were going to start with Super Joints (the joint mobility warm-up we do) and Olee, without hesitation and smiling up at his mom and aunt, started doing arm circles and rotating his hips….

As Juliet was doing a Turkish Half-Up, Olee squealed with delight “Mama…….. kededubedubell”! (translation: kettllebell:)


Tossing the kids;)

10 08 2007

The other day, as part of our workout, Chris and I were throwing the #20 Medicine Ball back and forth. We were standing about 15 ft apart. Chris says “Well, at least we know, if we ever find ourselves in a dangerous situation, that we could toss the kids to each other……”

Now that’s what I call looking at the functionality in the workout:)!


Learning to count….

17 07 2007

This morning, as part of our workout, we were to do Renegade Rows, 5/arm. Chris in his enthusiasm powered thru and did 10/arm on the first round. I responded with”……uuhhhh…” and Chris said “did I not do enough, here I can do a few more”. I went “no,no,no….you actually did more then you needed. And that’s okay, you looked strong doing them. So we’ll do 10/arm…’ve set the pace”.

On the third (and final) round, just before Chris was to do his last set of Ren. Rows, this is what was heard…….”this is it right? (breathing really hard)………and 20 more of these (10/arm) (breathing hard)……..I really have to learn how to count…….” (as he grabs a hold of the KB’s and starts to power his way thru;)


Turkish Get……Down’s?

26 06 2007

This morning Chris and I were doing Turkish Get-ups. At the end he said “these should be called Turkish Get-Downs. Getting up is the easy part. It isn’t til you’re all the way to the top that it then hits you “Crap, now I have to get back down””. 🙂