We are all for credit where credit is due.

First we’d like to thank our parents for those times, starting from birth, when…..what? Oh, oh okay, you’re right, we all acknowledge our parents for the things they’ve taught us in life. Alright, well, we’d like to thank our high school teac……huh? Everyone understands and acknowledges the significance of what we learned from the various adults, teachers/coaches/mentors, in our pre-teen/teen years? Okay…. okay, okay….we’ll make it a little more present. We’d like to thank our wives, who……sorry? Right, of course we all give credit to our wives, for the best friends that they are, the support and encouragement they provide, the strength they display and the inspiration they spark within us….you’re right, that’s a given. Lets see, credit where ya’ll don’t necessarily know where it’s coming from. The “Big Guy” upstairs, we have to thank the creator of all creation for………no, no, you got a point……(sigh) he IS the creator of all creation, thus acknowledgement goes without saying (seeing as He knows all of our thoughts before we know we’ve thought them). Guess we just wanted to make sure we weren’t overlooking or taking for granted all the most important sources that have helped shape who we are today as individuals.


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