Life is Like Climbing a Mountain

25 10 2010

Hi Gang!

Well it has been over a year since we’ve been actively writing here at Gym Jane and since I moved over to write at my Dare to Evolve blog. But as I’d mentioned, there will come a time and aplace that we return, at least for stints. I currently have a small vlog series going, and it happens to revolve around climbing a mountain! Many of you here who had been following along with Chris and I know very well our forays into the local peaks and the adventures that came as a result. So I thought it fitting, if you aren’t already following over at DTE, to let you know about this latest “jaunt”, trailblazing up the side of a mountain. 🙂

Life is Like Climbing a Mountain

Dare to Evolve,

Angel Face of a Serial Killer

14 06 2009

Angels and DemonsWhat are your strongest qualities? When you look back on your life, what are the qualities that got you thru the tough times? What attributes have you been recognized for? Now take a moment and ask yourself, “Are my strengths serving me any longer? Or are they actually holding me back?”

Back in early February, I had a pretty intense dream. To summarize, it involved my being called upon by the FBI to track a serial killer. As the dream went on, I went deeper and deeper undercover to try and find him.  Then black.  I came to, very groggy and confused, in a white room. I was with the serial killer and his assistant, standing next to a table that had a teenage girl tied down and sedated. I realized that I was assisting him as well. The horror and sadness I felt that I was helping a serial killer was overwhelming.

But when the serial killer’s first attempt to kill the girl failed, I snapped out of it. I was not this person I thought I was. And I started tracing my steps back thru the dream. I had completely forgotten (literally) that I was actually trying to stop this guy. When I remembered the rest of the dream and what I was doing there, I realized that I had foiled his first attempt thru some earlier steps I’d taken to prevent it. But I still needed to maintain my cover. In the end, I had to wait until the last second, just before the serial killer was about to drive the knife into the girl, fighting against my rage and every urge to charge and tear him to bits, to signal the S.W.A.T team. The S.W.A.T. team took him down (alive) and I carried the girl off to safety.

dreams hulidreams hulidreamscapeNow, I sent this dream to my father-in-law, Richard Hastings, who uses dream interpretation as a tool for personal transformation work. And he is very good. This coming from one who used to be skeptical of most any dream “analysis” methods out there (actually, still am;). We figured out some great connections. Thru this process, he helped me to translate the “serial killer” into “serial negative” (the habitual patterns that were creating negative results).  From there we then looked at how to turn the serial negative into a “serial positive”.  Well it was this process that gave me the key to later discovering something else from the dream.

A few weeks after the dream, I’d attended my first Circular Strength Training seminar to become a certified instructor. And from that weekend, came to  the realization, via a very obvious example, that one of my strongest qualities, Independence, was actually working against me. It was blocking me, threatening to come between me and opportunities available that would only expedite my forward progress.

So how does that relate to the dream? Well, you see, the serial killer in the dream looked just like the teenage girl on the table. And although I knew it wasn’t “her” (it was actually a 40 something, balding man with goatee and glasses), that is how he appeared to me. As something that I would normally associate positively with. In fact, would go so far as to consider it a friend. The serial killer (negative) was in fact my Independence.  I even had to fight my own strong instinct to  “take him down myself and rip him to shreds”, to allow for the S.W.A.T. Team to enter. Because the S.W.A.T. Team represented the next evolution of that deeply ingrained quality, which is Interdependence. The ability to work together, to depend on each other,  for a greater purpose.

And you’ll note that the S.W.A.T. took the serial killer alive! If it were left to me and my natural inclination, he’d be dead, and I’d still be struggling to take the next step. It wasn’t about now regarding the quality of Independence as the enemy and squashing it. It is key in unlocking the door. Now is just the time to progress onward, to release it,  that it may transform one stage closer to its greatest potential.

It would be very easy for a “serial killer” to continue it’s work, unnoticed, unimpeded, even unbeknown to itself, if it turned out to be one of your mightiest Angels. Be honest and take a moment, you may be in for a surprise.

Dare to Evolve,