Reflection In Motion

With our “holistic” approach to addressing all components of oneself; the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual, we feel it is important to share our physical journey, as it is an external manifestation of the internal reflection done. You’ll often find that the thoughts we share in our post are directly correlated with where we’re at in our workouts and the connections we’ve derived from them and vice versa.

That and what’s a bunch of words on a page without the corresponding action to compliment it. We could talk all day and just keep going around in circles. It is taking the step to translate the talk into the walk that propels us forward. If we are going to share our thoughts, offer them as another potential perspective to assist in the journey’s we all travel, then we need to be the first to apply them.

Be mindful, to also share that physical part of the process is a goal we will STRIVE for and do ourbest to accomplish;). Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding the training we undergo, we’re more than happy to expand further.


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